About Debbra J Designs


Welcome to my website and my art! I have been blessed to enjoy being creative all of my life and have always been encouraged to let my creativity shine. When I was growing up, I could always be found "dinking around" my Dad's workshop creating and building one thing or another.

Early Life

Later on, this curiosity took me into a world of paint and canvas, brushes and turpentine. I took art classes all through my school years, both on campus and off, I even majored in photography and commercial art when I started college. I have always been known to be working on one project or another, even when I was working full-time in Corporate America; it's the only thing that kept me sane.

Whether snapping pictures, painting on canvas or t-shirts, making scrap books or decorating, I've always been actively creative. I realized early-on that I would someday make my living doing what I love, I just had to be patient because all roads finally lead me to this creative place.

Later On

Through the years I developed my style and perfected my art to be what it is today. It's been a long road with many creative adventures and ventures, all packed with many life lessons that I needed to learn. I am fortunate enough to be living my bliss and love what I do~so please, feel free to check-out my website, hopefully, you'll see something you like! At the very least, I hope my site is the distraction you need in your day and makes you smile!